Hair loss: what a common person can do?

Most of us are worried with hair loss.Particularly women are tensed from their frequent hair falls.All of us are concerned about our looks.My intentions are to simplify the things about hair loss,so that everyone could understand the basics and can do self care.

If you have the problem of hair loss,you can get some help if you go through following paragraphs and keep the facts in mind.

1.You can lose your hairs for excessive mental tension.If you are not emotionally stable or you are depressed,you may lose your hairs.So it is important to do some relaxation of your mind through yoga and meditations.

2.Health of your hair requires adequate protein and vitamin E.So for healthy hair you should take pulses,egg white,soybean.Be careful in taking egg because egg is useful for the protein content but it should never taken raw.Raw egg white has a chemical avidin which binds and important vitamin biotin and it will lead to biotin deficiency.This is the reason why excessive raw eggs consumption leads to hair loss.So the benefit of boiled egg for your hair got minimal if the egg white is partially raw.So I advise you to eat full boiled egg in moderate quantity.Those who have had heart attacks in the past should avoid the egg yolk(central yellow portion of egg),since it contains cholesterol.They can get the protein benefit of egg by taking full boiled egg white only.Further such persons should not waste egg yolk which they can offer for their kids which is helpful for their brains.Further such heart disease persons can consume one egg yolk per day but not beyond that.if they had not taken any other fatty food for that day.One egg yolk contains 180 mg of cholesterol approx.

So,for your hair you require protein,vitamin E and Biotin.

If you take sprouts,egg and pulses in your diet you can protect your hair.

3.Be careful in your diet.Too much fat can increase your net calorie intake thereby increasing vitamin E requirement.So if you eat more fatty food you would have relative deficiency of vitamins.So better avoid fatty diet if you are suffering from excessive hair loss.You can get vitamin E from fish oils.Cod liver oil,halibut liver oils.It is better to take vitamin E capsules 400mg alternate day.I say alternate day because,vitamin E can be accumulated in your body.If you take capsules daily,you may have toxic effects.So be careful,don’t take excessively.Better idea is to take for 15 days per month.Apart from it you can take biotin pills to protect your hair.

4.If you have taken above points into account and your hair fall is not getting reduced what else you can do?

Oh my god really terrific,you don’t want to appear horrible.There are other reasons apart from ,stress,vitamin E and biotin deficiency,protein deficiency.We would discuss in following paragraphs…..

5.Fungal infections are extremely important to consider if you have sudden hair loss in localized area.We take bath and wife our body with the same towel which is used to wipe all other body parts.Our soles and areas between the toes are frequently infected by fungus because these places are moist due to excessive sweating.Since we use our foot daily in walking,covered by socks and shoes.Apart from these the genital areas also have considerable sweating.So the towel which we use to wipe our hair should be separate to prevent fungal infection in your scalp(head).

6.You use miconazole or fluconazole to combat such infections in the form of pills or local application ointment but after stopping these you again experience hair loss.This is because you again contaminate your scalp with your towel.So better to keep a separate towel for drying your scalp hair.Further many shampoos you use contains toxic chemicals which further weaken your hair roots.So it is better to wash your hair with pure herbal formulations.Further air pollution and water pollution may add to your hair loss.

7.In males this is common to have temporal recession of hair due to hormones.Female hormones can stop such recession.

8.A drug used to treat hypertension has got a side effect of hair overgrowth.This drug has been exploited to use locally on scalp to regenerate hair growth in bald areas.So by physician’s advice a bald person with high blood pressure can get dual benefit of minoxidil.

9.shikakayi amla and Reetha are two important herbs which can be used to get healthy hair.Put 50 gms of each in one liter jar of water overnight and next morning rinse your hair with this solution.Your hair would remain healthy.

10.Some believe use of caffiene obtained from coffee,tea and cocoa plant has some effect in preventing hair losses.But warning! excessive caffiene is dangerous for you.Be careful and take the advice of health experts.

11.If you are using anticancer drugs,you may experience hair loss.

13.Fresh fruits and green vegetables,less fat can help you for your health and hair.

14.Scalp massage with coconut oil can help you for improved blood circulation of your scalp and healthy hair






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