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It is a novel approach to reduce the disease burden in community.Here you can find the topics posted by admin VIRTUAL DOCTOR.You will find the remedies which suits your personalized health needs.Your comments are welcomed.Many people believe in modern medicine,some in naturopathy,some in Ayurveda,some in herbal remedies,some in homeopathy,some in mantra,some in yoga,some in pilates,some in their traditional ancestral methods.First and most important thing is faith in the stream of therapy you are getting.Your healing is anchored to your faith.Faith generates compliance.Compliance gives efficacy.Efficacy alters your system to cure you.Apart from this faith also act psychosomatically to heal you.Further,every individual gets a sense of healing from his total surroundings from which he gains knowledge about the healing methods.Some such knowledge of healing possess scientific foundation,some are based on parental and social teaching which may be misleading.Though the placebo effect of non scientific healing methods is significant.This I have personally observed many times.I believe that everybody is unique and his treatment should be personalized uniquely.Medical science cannot be applied blindly for everyone in a single way.Root cause of symptoms may be organic,behavioral,situational,nutritional,environmental or spiritual.The approach should be appropriate depending on the cause.Even a person presenting with hypertension can be relieved by probing his circumstantial element and releasing his subconscious painful stimulus through counseling.Mutual empathy is must for such counselling approach to succed.Apart from this there may be nutritional habit as the root cause of hypertension.Excess salt intake and accumulation in body also leads to hypertension.For such people reduction of salt in diet would improve his blood pressure.For some other there is lack of adequate sleep may cause hypertension.For such persons taking adequate sleep(at least 8hours per day)can relieve his blood pressure.One of my batchmate who was going regularly in night shift in a hospital.He was diagnosed to have hypertension.Later it was revealed that he was not getting sleep adequately due to his night shift and he got perfectly well when he started taking adequate sleep.If aperson is having any pain in his body which is not bearable can also have high blood pressure.Such high blood pressure can be relieved by relieving his pain.In many cases where a person is getting steroid to relieve his chronic pain can have high blood pressure.His hypertension is secondary to the salt and water retention caused by steroids.Such hypertension can be cured by gradually stopping the drugs.Gradually means tailing off the dose.Here tailing off is important because you should not stop your steroid abruptly.Apart from this,the accumulated salt and water in the body by steroid use can be removed by the use of diuretics.But I don’t suggest you to take medicine without doctor’s advice.Here what you can do is,you can take tea and cofee as medicine or cocoa products which are edible.Those substances act as diuretics(agents that cause excessive urination)and removes salts and water from the body.Further a high blood pressure may be secondary to low blood sugar in such cases there may be excessive sweating,increased palpitation,cold hands and feet and dizziness.Such high pressure can be reduced by giving glucose water,sugar,sweats etc.High blood pressure can also be caused by excessive use of ORS.A person taking oral rehydration solution too much can land into high blood pressure.Such person can be treated by natural diuretics such as tea coffee or chocolates.
So I have cited the example of hypertension.In future you would find many slotutions here.