Weight Loss without loss of money

Most of us run blindly after advertisement of weight loss products or regimens whose end results are often disappointing to us.Some involve drainage of our hard earned money and some our precious time.

I don’t support or oppose such ads.I want to provide you some insights about this topic.First of all you should find out,whether you require any weight loss on health point of view or not.To know this find your height in centimeter and weight in kilogram.Subtract 100 from your height and the result would be your Ideal Weight in kilogram on health point of view.

Suppose your height is 170 centimeter,

Your Ideal Weight should be 170-100=70.             70 kilogram

So for a 170 centimeter height person should weigh 70 kilogram.

If your height is 170 centimetres and your actual weight is 80 kilogram,you have 10 kilogram excess from your ideal weight.

You can keep your weight between 65 to 75 kilogram and stay healthy.I mean to say,you can have 5 kilogram excess or 5 kilogram less from your ideal weight (calculated by subtracting 100 from your height in centimeter).

Now,what are the things which can help you in reducing weight.

1.If you have high blood pressure,you can reduce your both blood pressure as well as weight by using diuretics.Tea and coffee are good diuretics.Diuretics are the substance which can cause excessive urination. This results in loss of water and salts from your body.The drawback of diuretics is,it can also reduce potassium and calcium from your body.So while using diuretics as a weight loss measure,you should take plenty of green vegetables and seasonal fruits.Those who have normal or low blood pressure and those who are dehydrated by diarrhea or vomiting or by excessive sweating due to manual work or exercise should avoid using diuretics.

2.Weight gain may be due to some disease.For example hypothyroidism.This is a condition in which your body is not making a chemical thyroxin.This chemical is important for breakdown of your body fuel and release of energy and to keep you warm.How to know that your weight gain is due to hypothyroidism?

Give your blood sample in clinical Laboratory for the freeT3 T4 and TSH.When reports arrive,check the normal range of each of three parameters and look for your value.If T3 and T4 value is less in your report in comparison to the normal range and TSH is higher than its normal range value,you have hypothyroidism.In that case you can take thyroxin tablets 50 microgram per day under advice of your local licensed medical practitioners and check your weight  at every two weeks.Apart from this you need to know little more about thyroxine.It is made up of iodine and amino acid tyrosine(many amino acids joined in chains to form protein) .So naturally your diet should have iodised salt and good quality proteins like egg white and soybean.One more thing you should know that,you should avoid cauliflower, cabbage, gourds because these vegetables contain some chemicals which hold the iodides and do not allow iodine to be absorbed in your body.

3.Be vegetarian if you want to lose weight faster.Animal foods are generally rich in calories.Try to eat sprouts and salads first of all before any meal you take as much you can before going to main course.Take a full glass of black tea or coffee daily.Avoid fat and salts as much as possible.Be careful about hidden salt in your diet.Avoid pickles,if you want to lose your weight.

4.The key concept to lose weight is following;keep in mind!

Your sixty percent of body weight is due to water.If you want to reduce your weight by ten kilogram,you have to lose six kilogram by losing water content alone.Water accumulated in the body due to salts,particularly sodium chloride we use as table salts.To reduce your weight,it may be good idea to be on salt free diet at least three days per week.Mixture,chips,pickles and readymade junk snacks holds alot of salts,so it is better to avoid them.Apart from this many persons who have protein deficiency in their body may have excess body water because the water can not be drawn from their non vascular compartments due to low plasma oncotic pressure of their vascular compartment. Here you just need to understand that proteins in your blood vessels draw water from other compartments of your body.That drawn excess water comes out in urine via kidneys. So to reduce weight by losing water requires adequate protein intake.I repeat again,the richest protein source is egg white for non vegetarians and soyabean for vegetarians.Don’t be fooled by purchasing protein powders readymade at ten times more cost than their direct sources.One important question,how much protein one should take daily?This is quite easy to calculate.Just know your weight in kilogram and that figure in gram would be your daily protein requirement.Suppose your weight is seventy kilogram.This implies your protein requirement is seventy gram daily.This you can manage by taking seventy gram boiled egg white or  soybean or pulses.Further if your doctor has prescribed you protein restrictions, for any disease, you should take according to his advice.For muscle builder the protein requirement is increased.But that increased protein intake to be incorporated in your muscle fiber,you need to contract that muscle for at least three minutes.In such cases there is moderate weight loss but body acquires good shape.

You can actively reduce your body water by taking tea or coffee as a diuretic(a substance which causes more urine to form in your body releasing water and salts from your body).Any tea or coffee will do this,again don’t be confused with advertisements about tea promising greater benefits.Just have natural,cheapest pure tea,don’t waste your money in expensive brands.

Apart from water reduction remaining forty percent of your weight can be reduced by calorie and fat restriction.Fat restriction itself provide you immense impact on calorie intake because calorific value of fat is more than twice the value of carbohydrates.  

Two ounces of candy corn has more calorie than a potato with one tsf butter.

Muscular exercise increases your muscle endurance as well as strength.Muscle endurance and strength are both different things.

Cycling,running,jumping are all aerobic exercises,these are also cardio exercises.

Push up and curl ups are endurance activity

Stretching is done for flexibility.

Rectus abdominis is referred commonly as abs.

Dynamic stretching is better than regular warm up.

Stretching of muscle doesn’t prevent soreness.

Stretching is not helpful for cardio.

Stretching which involves bouncing is called ballistic stretching.

Stretching elongates the muscles.

Stretching for 60 second important for desired results.

All the best!