White Spots and patches on the skin

Welcome friends!.Since long I could not find enough time to write for you.Aim of my writing is to aid you resolve your trivial health issues yourself with minimal cost.Thank you all who bothered to go through my posts.
White patches or spots on skin is a serious cosmetic issue.This impacts individuals self esteem and extremely disappointing in society.If the spot is on face or bare areas,many of us try to mask it with cosmetics.What should you do to handle such issues?
Let me remind you that my post is not intended for doctors.This is only an effort to aid common people.What should you do if you notice some white marks or patches on your skin.
The first question is?Is it present on your skin since your birth or it is freshly noticed.If you have noticed the white or light colored patch or spot recently,you should check the sensation at that site.You can test it yourself by applying cotton piece lightly on the spot and on normal looking skin.If the touch sensation is altered on the spot or patch,you should take multivitamines for a couple of weeks.If that does not improve its color,you should try some antifungal cream like miconazole or terbinafine oinments.(caution:consult your skin specialist and he would be the best guide for your peculiar condition).Take care that you have all the essential amino acids in your diet.For this you require good quality protein,egg white or soybean.If your patch is painless,you should consult the doctor for Leprosy or Hensen’s disease.In this condition one is required to strictly adhere with long term treatment plan advised by qualified medical practioner.If your patch is feeling normally and it is not responding to multivitamins or antifungals then there may be another cause which is due to autoimmunity.You can try tacrolimus ointment locally under advice of your doctor.If your patch is due to healed wound or burn,you can help your body to repair itself by adequate good quality protein intake and multivitamin or you may get the help of cosmetic surgeon.

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