Urinary Tract Infection -Self care and insights

Urinary Tract Infection -Self care and insights

Do you have burning sensations in urine?Every time you go to empty bladder,you still feel urgency but you can void slight only and still feel burning and desire to urinate again?Probably you have urinary tract infection.

How to tackle it if you have no access to a doctor!
know few facts-
1.Your blood is filtered by kidneys and the wastes in the form of urine passes from left and right kidneys via tubes called left and right ureters.Two ureters opens into urinary bladder.When it is full you feel desire to urinate.From bladder a single tube comes out called urethra through which the urine goes out of your body.

2.So you know what is urinary tract.
Right & Left kidneys -> Right & Left Ureters -> Urinary Bladder -> Urethra
Any infection in the urinary tract is called Urinary Tract Infection.
3.The infection goes from outside to your urethra,from urethra to your bladder,and from bladder to ureters,I mean to say in reverse direction.
4.Females have small urethra and their habit of urination is different from males.They urinate mostly in squatting position,so they can acquire infection more easily,if they use poorly maintained public toilets.Because at the time of urination their urethra is very close to the ground which is used by many different people,possibly many of them infected.
5.Those persons who have diabetes have greater chance of Urinary Tract Infection because glucose excess in blood comes in urine in uncontrolled diabetes and glucose provides good culture medium for bacteria.
6.Person having constipation are more prone for the Urinary Tract Infection
7.Apart from above symptoms person can have abdominal pain,nausea,vomiting and fever if the infection is advanced
8..Many of us don’t consult doctor untill it is too unbearable.Okay but you can follow the advice of a virtual doctor who is writing this post.

Simply go to a clinical lab give your urine sample for routine examination.If there is significant amount of pus cell in your urine;get Urine culture and sensitivity test.This test will take 48 hours for your results.In report if any pathological organism found.Check in the report.You will see the name of antibiotics and one two three or four plus sign written against it.Otherwise R(for Resistant) would be written.Any antibiotics with higher number of + can be used in the adequate dose adjusted for age and bodyweight for two weeks.Warning!antibiotics should be taken under qualified physicians guidelines only.
Now what else you can do?If no doctor available,no medical shop nearby…..
Best approach to flush your urinary tract by taking plenty of water.What about the burning sensation.The burning is due to increased acidity of urine.To counter this,you can take alkaline drinks like milk.Any substance which behaves like diuretics(causing excessive urination) like tea,cofee etc. can also help in flushing effect by causing excessive urination.
High fiber diet and plenty of water improves constipation and reduces the chance of urinary tract infection.

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